The Carlton Cake

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The hotel's signature dessert

The Carlton Cake signature dessert is created for true dreamers. The dessert's cloudy pillow is wrapped in a pillowcase made of a thin layer of chocolate with pearl beads and filled with a delicate yogurt mousse. Inside are violet petals and fragrant black currant berries. Sweet and sour notes are perfectly balanced, and the airy texture and minimal amount of sugar make it a source of pure pleasure at any time of day.

"The inspiration to create The Carlton Cake dessert came from the hotel itself and its philosophy of tender care for guests," says the pastry chef, Anna Fediai. – Imagine that sweet moment when, after a long day, your head falls into an airy, feather-thin pillow and fills with dreams. That moment has it all: lightness, relaxation, immersion in serene tranquility."

You can order the dessert at The Carlton Lounge & Bar or the elegant Champagne Bar, located in the heart of the hotel. To reveal full flavor of the dessert, we recommend paring it with classic drinks without additional flavorings. In morning hours, the dessert is especially good with ristretto or espresso, in the afternoon – with green tea, and in the evening it will complement warm decaf drinks or a glass of sparkling wine. You can enjoy a specialty dessert not only in the hotel. Packed in a box decorated with confetti fireworks, The Carlton Cake will become an original and exquisite gift for your relatives and friends.